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Origramy - Flash graph editor/viewer component

How to use?How to use?

A quick guide of how to built in component into your web-site/application.


See what component can offer to you. Gallery of graphs you can create with the help of the component.

Download trialDownload trial

Download the trial version of the component. Package includes samples and documentation also.

Origramy is a graph editor/viewer component. It can be used to create complex graphs presentations, schemes, charts, save them and use the same component as a viewer. You can see examples of its usage here.

If you need to create workflow process scheme, timeline presentation, specific diagram, objects references map, charts, house, room plans etc. - Origramy will help to create it fast and with ease. You can use later component to view the data you combined.

The component is based on Adobe Flash technology. That allows to demonstrate your graph in any browser on any platform.

How does it work?

Please take a look at small video presentation of Origramy in action.

You can try Origramy by downloading trial free version. Please note, that this trial meets the licensee below.

The Licensee has the right to use the software at no cost if it is used by PRIVATE PERSONS (by individuals - physical persons) for non-commercial purpose.

If you want to buy Origramy, please choose your version.