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Q: How can I know the version of my comopnent?

A: Load a page with a component, click on it and press-and-hold Ctrl+V button.

Q: How fast can i get my component?

A: As we get notification about the purchase the commercial component package is been instantly prepared and sent to you.

Q: When buying the commercial version, do I get .FLA source code files?

A: Yes, You get all source codes of the component when you buy Developer version.

Q: getXML and setXML methods don't work in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

A: Please make sure that component embedding script has parameter allowScriptAccess set to "always".

Q: Why there are 2 .swf files included (opldr.swf, origramy.swf)?

A: opldr.swf is used to load the main component origramy.swf with a status bar. But origramy.swf is still can be used as sole component.

Q: How to get picture of the graph/data created in Origramy component?

A: You can use SVG XML export. SVG is wide-supported world standard in graphics. There are several 3rd-party tools or libraries to convert data from SVG to any other format (.gif, .jpg, .pdf, etc.).

Origramy is planned to have its own images export service soon.

Q: Can you disable any Origramy logo presence in the component?

A: Yes, if you buy any commercial component version we can remove any Origramy logo presence on request.

Q: Do you have any ready solution for storing user data, exporting it to pictures, load and save web-server functiolaty, etc.?

A: We are steadily adding new working Origramy schemes into the Gallery section. Any other solution can be delivered for additional fee. Please contact us.

You can try Origramy by downloading trial version here.

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